C'mon.... You knew one of our stupidest scenes of the last few years would merit a sequel. And who better to track the elusive "Bear-Man" than Mya, a model who tends to throw herself face-first (ahem) into every ridiculous scenario we throw at her. As the enthusiastic and egotistical explorer Bindi Blueberry, Mya's confidence knows no bounds! (Hey, if your legs looked that good in a loincloth, you'd be confident too!) If only she could figure out the source of that frosting smell... or how not to trigger the pie catapults... or a way to keep falling into her own, brilliant-engineered "glue trap." As always, Mya's pratfall skills remain unparalleled.... And when you couple that with 15 pies, 6 cakes, various swandives into slime, lots of slipping & sliding, and one idiot in a giant bear head.... You've got a winner! Grab the effects-heavy edit for the true Slapstick experience; check all the unedited RAW footage to watch Mya remain unflappable (and remarkably chipper) as we put her through the messy wringer for an hour and change!
And in Scene Two, it's Scarlet changing it up yet again! This time she's actually STANDING!! And also wearing cute workout clothes, even though she hates working out. This one is a loose & fun scene with lots of in-jokes, Scarlet being her adorable funny self, and of course the usual onslaught of pies and cakes. And yes, slime fans.... We even gave her the "authentic" YCDTOTV stuff! With a classic You Can't gag to boot!

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