It's another great two-fer with a pair of fan favorites! In Scene One, Victoria returns for the first time since COVID... and she brought her real-life sister along to play the "Super Sloppy" edition of Family Face-Off! Unfortunately, Victoria's schemes to get her sister messy backfire in every conceivable way.... whether she's losing the "Take The Cake" round, or getting unlucky on the Press Your Luck-style big board, or triggering the "Crowning Glory," or humiliating herself in a final "Deep Dive" hunt for tickets to Bismarck, North Dakota. It's a fast-paced, tightly-edited scene.... which is amazing since the RAW footage runs 75 minutes per angle (!!) with lots of arduous setups, coaching, and Vic's sister wanting to repeatedly take a vape break. (Ahem.) If you love inequality... or pantyhose... Well, this is your scene! And as a bonus, the contrast between Victoria's always reliable enthusiasm and positivity--versus her sister's "why am I even here" attitude--makes for a lot of (unintentional) comedy! (In between the pies and cakes and slime and head dunking, of course.)
Scene Two is the return of another veteran with Natalia as the world's sexiest (and messiest) nurse! Despite this one also running long, it was an absolute joy to film, thanks to Natalia's "up-for-anything" attitude and unflagging energy. The fake setup of "Natalia takes paid requests from her fans" is a great excuse to basically "throw" anything we want into the scene.... from a plethora of pies and cakes to thick orange slime and even seltzer! (As well as classic slapstick setups, the return of the door, and even a "Piece Of Pie" callback.) I know there's a lot of Natalia content out there now, but if you prefer her silly side... and seeing that amazing body from every angle... or if you just want to watch her deliver lines through two inches of frosting on her face.... Then you're gonna love this super-long scene!

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