Jasmine is quickly becoming one of our more fearless--and, um, resilient--models lately. Fresh off her epic inequality scene from SS262, Jasmine (literally) throws herself into a fresh round of humilations with two new scenes! Scene One finds her again working for the Russian mob, this time attempting to steal a rare MacGuffin from the Egyptian museum exhibit.... wearing only a loincloth, naturally. Unfortunately, the deceased Pharoah is very much alive. And he's armed with baked goods. This might be Jasmine's greatest pratfall performance: She completely sells every last cake and pie smash with shock and stumbling, and her final swan dive into the Bowl of Glop(TM) might not be as impressive as her "accidental" self-pies that literally knock her backwards into the wall. (And once to the ground, in a hilariously unplanned "for real" spill.) And yes, she's doing it all while basically naked. And eating cake in between setups. That's our girl!
And in Scene Two, Jasmine simply wears a tiny bikini while mocking the entire idea of the SlapstickStuff "stereotypical bikini skit." What kind of karmic comeuppance could possibly result? Hmmm.... At least we got some "cultured" comedy out of this one! (And by culture, we mean Jasmine falling face-fist into cakes and Glop while speaking in a British accent...) Jasmine went through the ringer again on this one and still delivered.... If you like your mess with the additional physical element of slippin' n' slidin', she is definitely your girl now!
And don't forget to check out the non-suitable-for-YouTube trailer exclusively here!

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