The great hypothetical of our era ("What would happen if a genuinely great actress came to SlapstickStuff?") has finally been answered! Literally in between film roles, Lolly was kind enough to pay us a visit, and the results were (unsurprisingly) fantastic. I joked that she was definitely elevating my crappy scripts, but it's kinda true: Whether it was her amazing slow-burn reactions, or just the way she was able to go from "quietly seething" to "comedic rage" in a second, Lolly wound up making the same old SlapstickStuff setups feel.... Fresh? Electric? Realistic?? (Is there such a thing as a "realistic" 14-pie scene?)
If you think there's nothing better than a super-attractive actress in a revealing dress having a one-woman catfight with herself (complete with a Bowl of Glop and a creamy sheet cake).... Or perhaps an adorable model in a too-short skirt enduring a barrage of pies and cakes until she finally explodes... Well friends, you owe it to yourself to check out SS272 immediately. Coming at the very end of 2022, this might be my favorite volume (tied with SS267 Kristina) of the year. Enjoy!

“Just watched your newest model Lolly and man is she a breath of fresh air. So cute! Absolutely loved her reactions throughout.”
”That solo catfight at the end of scene 2 is like nothing I have seen before. It gave me Fight Club vibes. She was incredible did she do the back of the head holding by her own accord? The way she incorporated it into her pie posing was nice as well. It's so good when models manage to really understand what you are going for and run with it.”
  --early customer email

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