At last! A slime-centric Scarlet scene! And a Scarlet inequality scene! (Kinda.) And also Scarlet back to wearing hot dresses and skirts and hose and heels! (You're welcome.) This was Scarlet's final shoot before she briefly retired to become a new mom.... So while we wait for her return, here's two scenes with a lot of messy goodness and some actual humor to boot! (You're welcome...?)
Scene 1 has Scarlet dressed to the nines and delivering a "messy primer" to prospective models. No surprise that our girl gets covered in pies and cakes by the end, with some really excellent coverage.... But her in-joke dissection of the current state of affairs in messy modeling (and OnlyFans, and scammers) is actually pretty funny... and pulled from her own comments too. (Also, if you like to hear Scarlet just talking about Hugh Hefner and Pam Anderson and 100 other things, you need the very-long RAW clips!) Meanwhile, Scene 2 is totally different... but also inspired by real life. (Specifically, Scarlet refusing to bring in a friend for an inequality scene and me throwing up my hands and saying, "Well, what if you played both parts??") No green-screen "link" backdrop anymore, but trust me that this skit really has the feel of the classic show that inspired slime lovers everywhere. Plus, it turns out that Scarlet playing off herself works out pretty great! Kudos to Scarlet for staying clean.... Sorry to Scarlet for being tricked into saying those magic words four different times. (And that's before she suffers the indignity of pies and a final, post-credits epic caking.) Slime fans, I've heard your pleas and I'm delivering for ya! Enjoy!

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