She's back! Our breakout new model of 2022 returns with two new scenes that go bigger, better, and messier! In Scene One, Kristina is a "sexy archeologist" with legs for days and an ego to match. How will she fare when the ancient Egyptian pharoahs enact revenge for invading their sacred tombs? ...Poorly. Some of our greatest cake smashes ever, with Kristina's whole head encased in frosting at one point! (This is a woman who can laugh and joke and act for 5 minutes with a ton of cake on her face... So yes, we love her!) Great "pie stumbling" too, and yes she even swan dives into the Bowl of Glop. Repeatedly!
As for Scene Two, early sales have already been huge. Hmmm... Wonder why? Kristina suggested this very tiny, semi-see-through bikini as she preferred not to go topless... Fair trade? And of course, us SlapstickStuff idiots wrote a "Karen" sequel around it, where the World's Worst Housewife attends a pool party, insults the neighbors (who are armed with pies), and tries to seduce Ryan Reynolds (played by Biff the stagehand) only to face the wrath of his cake-baking wife. Whew! Is this just an excuse to cover Kristina with more pies, more cakes, and slime? Yes. Are there few things hotter than a gorgeous woman in a tiny bikini clobbering herself with a sheet cake? Also yes. Not too many screen caps here because this one deserves to be seen in its full glory!
Kristina is a superstar who truly "gets it," but you already knew that. So what are you waiting for??

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