Have we ever had a cuter model? Possibly... But not for a while! Meet Eliza, five feet of feisty fun with amazing strawberry blonde hair, an all-natural bod, and a smile ten miles wide. Also, did we mention she's an absolute natural at taking pies? Yep, Eliza shot some short one-off messy clips before joining with us, but this was her first time doing longer, scripted scenes with way more mess. (So, the SlapstickStuff Treatment.) To say she had a blast doesn't even begin to cover it: Over the course of Eliza's three scenes, she's cracking jokes, improvising lines, posing with her entire head immersed in pie (or cake, or slime).... and threatening to beat up the producer at least 4-5 times. If you want a model whose personality absolutely leaps off the screen, check out Eliza! She's got a whipped cream sheet cake (well, five of 'em) with your name on it!
"I've been buying pie vids since they were on VHS back in the 90's. I don't want to sound hyperbolic, but Eliza and Slapstick Stuff is the greatest pairing since peanut butter and chocolate. She's the holy grail--effortlessly sexy, playful, funny as hell, can improv like a pro and just downright adorable. Plus she appears to be having a ridiculous amount of fun with the whole thing."
"Love that dress and how she fills it. Seems to be in good humor throughout. BTW, in watching the video, she reminds me of Jack Lemmon in "The Great Race" and his mannerisms as the idiot king are of a spoiled, clueless rich kid. So are hers, at least to me, right down to how she holds her head sometimes and her hand positions."
"Great job with Eliza. She’s great, you’re great! Watched all the RAWs and you’ve got some of the best pieings there. I’d bet she would be great in all your other stuff, especially when there’s a villainess."
  --early customer email

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