SS278 combines two of our favorite models into one epic volume! First up is Mya, who returns in her breakout "Evil Stepmother" role as we wrap up the increasingly ridiculous "Baker's Trilogy." And after Baker's Dozen and Baker's Thirteen, it's obviously time for Mya to run a casino in the gritty heist thriller Baker's Eleven! Will those meddling kids steal her money and also find a way to pummel her with cream pies? Will the wait staff keep tripping when there are cakes near her face? Will Mya manage to pratfall into strawberry pudding, dump a banana daquiri on herself, and wind up slathered in chocolate? And will this be incredibly cartoony and also incredibly cheap looking? Only time will tell!!
And then Scene Two finds Natalia back for more fun humiliation as she appears on the world's worst gameshow, It's Not Fair! A series of rigged contests finally culminates in "Take The Cake," as Natalia keeps missing incredible specific cake-related questions and finds her whole head buried under the mess of eight cakes in the face! (Yes, that's a single-scene record.) Incredible "angry" acting from Natalia, plus excellent leg/foot shots throughout... and even a few pies to break up the cake onslaught! But Natalia really came through with the final "head dunking in glop" game... as she basically kept covering herself in that sticky mess for ten minutes to give us an amazing (and unexpected) finale. That's why she's a legend! The final edit has all the bells & whistles (game-show backgrounds, sound FX, dumb music) while the unedited footage is just blue screen and Natalia being her usual amazing, down-for-anything self!

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