When was the last time we had a model willing to "bare it all" in the name of slapstick? Well, the long (naked) drought is over, thanks to new model Livvy! She looks like an actual badass between that body, those tattoos, and that 1000-yard model stare that reads I'm too cool for this. Turns out Livvy was not too cool for this. In fact, she wound up being one of my easiest models to work with in recent memory... which is why she got absolutely destroyed in both scenes! (I used more pies than I'd planned in Scene 1, cuz she was just taking them like a champ.... So I had to make more for Scene 2. That's a good day!)
Fun backstory: Livvy filled in last-minute for a flaky model, and probably wound up being the better talent anyway. So you might catch me tweaking the scene "in real time" in the RAW footage. (That's code for "making up lines on the spot.") Livvy absolutely rolled with it, and then wound up having a knack for perfect pie responses and wiping: Basically the stuff you can't teach. (She's great at the defeated how is this still happening to me silent reaction, coupled with sad eyes peeking out from under layers of cream and crust.) As for the nudity, that was equally unplanned.... Her Scene One one-piece was basically see-through anyway, and after it filled up with mess, she just stripped it off without a second thought. Her Scene Two dress was also worn sans underwear, before coming off completely in the second half.... Basically making this our first truly R-rated audition skit. (You're welcome.) To say this woman is "comfortable" getting naked is understating it.... But I think we hit a great balance where there's some clothed stuff early on before the nudity, and we still keep that fun & silly (and stupid) SlapstickStuff spirit throughout!
No video preview for this one (thanks YouTube censors!), but I made a ton of GIFs and pics so you get a flavor for just how awesome--and effortlessly sexy--Livvy really is! Thanks for the early support, and hope you enjoy a little change of pace as SlapstickStuff finally gets R-rated again!

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