Even among our other legendary models, Elly is unique: A sexy blonde unicorn who's never fazed (or at a loss for words) even as her scenes get more epic (and messy). Scene One is ostensibly a commercial for "Elly's Bakery" that keeps falling apart because Elly's angry crew (making $2/hr so they don't get "greedy") takes out their frustrations on their boss, via baked goods. In reality, it was a fantastic excuse to have Elly rock an adorable apron dress, heels... and nothing else. [Spoiler: Elly's not a "slips" girl, so you won't see any actual nudity, due to the magic of body tape and a beige thong. Sorry guys!]
Like all good Elly scenes, the script is just the starting point, and Elly's random asides and improvisations are half the fun! The other half? Watching our girl take possibly the most mess of her entire SlapstickStuff career: Six cakes, plus a ton of gooey pies and some slime that fills up that apron in unbelievable ways. Does she take that mess like a champ? You bet! Does she pose and goof around and cover her booty in frosting, all without wiping? Of course. And does she lose her balance in hilarious fashion several times? Hey, we wouldn't have her wear the heels otherwise! There's only one girl who could pull off this look in such messy fashion... because there's only one Elly!

As for Scene Two? Well, it's the return of the Elly & Ana duo.... Only this time they're both sexy maids who find themselves getting pranked by... a ghost? An intruder? Each other? Find out as the hijinks escalate (and yes, that includes messy wrestling before and after double slimes) in Maids In A Mess!

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