Tired of all the new faces yet? Nope, us neither! Alura is the latest debut of 2023, and if you want someone with the perfect combo of sweet, goofy, and ultra-sexy.... Well, this is your woman! As you might've noticed, Alura is not afraid of showing skin. And she's even less afraid of getting messy! Alura took to the pies (and cakes, and slime) as quick as any model in recent memory.... Taking the scenes to some fascinating places, especially as she got more comfortable and began covering her naked, toned body in the mess! Yes, we still did our usual silly scenes, and yes, Alura makes a great "Karen." But if you're looking for a little something "extra" from SlapstickStuff, Alura delivers in spades!
And because we really wanted you to get a feel for Alura (without having to deal with YouTube censorship), please check out the free Scene One trailer being hosted directly on the site! And when you're done, feel free to check out the Scene Two trailer too!

"Her on-camera transformation from the very 1st pie hit of scene 1 where she accidently immediately wipes to the last white cake you smashed in her face at the end of scene 2 where she's naked leaning back against you is bananas. It was almost like one of those Britain's Got Talent set-ups where the singer pretends she's never performed live... and then magically an amazing voice with a 4 octave range comes out! Except, Alura's camera growth is real! She's a super sexy, pie-in-the-face boss."
"She really went from strength to strength. Her delivery, pacing and reactions as the shoot went on really honed in. Plus, it always helps when a model can take the mess with no complaints and so keeps the scene flowing!"
  --early customer review

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