The most talented actress to ever sink to SlapstickStuff's level finally returns! Or, more precisely, SS282 is everything we shot on Day #2 of Lolly's big shoot with us. There's a range of content across these three clips: Scene One is a fantastic "school girl" setup with Lolly playing the meanest mean girl (in Britney's old wardrobe, no less) who finally gets her comeuppance in the messiest way possible. Scene Two finally gets Lolly into a bikini as she discovers a magic lamp and a genie with a penchance for wishes that backfire in humiliating fashion. (And yes, she fully commits to swan-diving into the Bowl of Glop at the end!)
And finally, Scene Three is something completely new and unique for us: No setup, no script! Just Lolly talking directly to you, the viewers, about her sex-positive attitude and the messy kinks she enjoys, before demonstrating a more "all over" brand of messy play... including pie sitting, messy footplay, and a booty sliming! (She kinda dug that one.) And even though she had a bit of "Pie-TSD" (her term) at this point, Lolly still came through with a few beautiful self-pies and an awesome self-caking to wrap everything up. Possibly the least amount of facial mess in any SlapstickStuff scene.... But if you're looking for variations well outside our usual box--or if you just want to hear a model opening up like no SS girl has before--then Lolly's final scene is well worth your time!
"All I can say is WOW! This is honestly my favorite one to date! She couldn’t have been a more perfect model for this, she knocked it out of the park!! I hope it sells great for you!!"
  --early customer review for Scene One

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