Well, it only took 283 volumes and 19 years, but just in time for Christmas: The first fully nude two-girl SlapstickStuff scene! Special thanks to standout newcomer Alura and her good friend Laney, who love pies almost as much as they dislike clothes. (Actual quote from Laney after losing her messy virginity to a cake that practically covered her entire head: "This is awesome.")
There is a setup here--our favorite rigged gameshow returns!--and some semblance of a script, but mostly this is just Alura and Laney having a blast for 100 minutes and delivering an epic scene that just kept going... and going... Tons of laughing, goofing, and the kind of reactions you only get when two friends are both getting incredibly messy together. The first half is clothed, the second half totally nude (except for heels!), and eventually the action just moves to the floor, as both women played, wrestled, and Slip-N-Slided off each other. It's silly and sexy and maybe the most lighthearted fully nude two-girl scene you've ever seen. Which... kinda fits our brand, right?
As we head into the big 2-0, we're still trying to keep things fresh & fun... And honestly, these two might be having as much fun as any model over the last 19 years! Check out the insane trailer, then get all the unedited footage (which is also split into separate clothed and nude downloads if you so desire) or grab the Super Epic Edit!
"Just want to tell you this video was the most outstanding one you have ever done! Actually, it's the most outstanding one I've ever seen produced by anyone!!"
  --early customer review

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