Looks like we're kicking off 2024 with a bang.... Thanks to Josie, a half-Cuban hottie with curves for days, personality to spare, and one of the biggest laughs you've ever heard! (Can we use the term bawdy? Why not??) She went from "nervous" to "this is hilarious" in no time whatsoever, and it's definitely the sign of a fantastic shoot when each scene is better than the one before. It's been a long time since I had this much fun with a model, and I really think that comes through on screen. (I edited around most of her laughing and silliness for the "final" edit, but rest assured all that great footage is in the Outtakes... and the RAW clips, obviously.) Another mark of a great shoot: When she spontaneously decides, halfway through Scene 2, that she's 100% fine with removing her hot cocktail dress to show off that "slammin' body." (Yes, the heels stay on. You're welcome.)
This is the first half of a four-scene shoot, so rest assured you'll be seeing a lot more of Josie to come! And yup, I even went back to shooting "proper" behind-the-scenes footage before every scene, so feel free to grab those short clips for free in the RAWHD Store. And finally, Scene 2 was split into two parts mostly because the edit was running so long and I didn't want to cut out any of Josie's good stuff... But another upshot is that you can now grab only the clothed or nude portion if you so desire. (The RAW footage has everything.) Be sure to watch the not-safe-for-YouTube Scene One trailer being hosted directly on the site! Enjoy!

"So far I have only watched scenes 1 and 2 fully then the clean part of 4. As you said she just got better and better. Her acting and facial reactions were spot on even when you weren't telling her what to do.”
"As expected, I didn't wait and purchased it yesterday. Excellent.”"
  --early customer review

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