Background: On the original 2005 shooting day for our silent movie scene (now SS30), one of the girls, Carrie, couldn't make it. However, Deana & Laura decided they could "use the practice," so we proceeded to shoot three skits with just the two of them. Scene 3 eventually appeared on SS40, but the other two have never been seen before now. They are finally being released unedited and uncut, with all the goofing around and stupidity intact.

Laura finds out the hard way what happens in "The Skit Where Someone Gets Pied." Will Deana get her comeuppance by skit's end? Laura's first pies, plus assorted mess and laughs. Closeup & medium angles.

Deana & Laura are new army recruits in the messiest training program ever! Tit-for-tat and self pies, capped off with water and a special "slimy surprise" for Deana. Closeup & medium angles.