Background: Lisa had the bad luck to shoot during a particularly "productive" time in SlapstickStuff history, i.e. the summer of 2006 that produced SS36-42. Her release got pushed back... and pushed back... until it wound up lost in the vault. While Lisa doesn't have the enthusiasm or "cuteness factor" of our best models, she still had a good time and there's quite a few worthy moments in this raw footage. Perhaps just a victim of bad timing? Check out her scenes now, finally being released unedited and uncut.

Lisa portrays an IRS agent auditing SlapstickStuff, and gets an up-close-and-personal look at our inventory! Many pies (mostly real) along with seltzer and a green slime finale. Closeup, medium, and wide angles.

Footage to be used as "Intros" for the various scenes. Lisa does four short setups and cleans up after every one. Mainly thrown crust pies plus tossed slime and the rare "hat slime" to finish. Closeup, medium, and wide angles.

"Damn Sexy" Lisa explains why comedy is a noble profession as we pie the heck out of her. Lots of explosive thrown pies plus some smushed ones for variety. Closeup, medium, and wide angles.

One tiny black dress and four buckets of slime... What could go wrong? Closeup, medium, and wide angles.