Best First Scene EVER? Gorgeous, fun, feisty Angie makes her case with an epic debut! Wow.
How good was this shoot? Well, I wrote a new blog. And I cut an interview-heavy teaser.
And another one. So, yeah... Pretty great.

All HD and HD RAW clips are 1280 x 720 resolution in MP4 format, filmed and edited in high definition. We also offer 848 x 480 resolution in a much smaller file size in the (far-right) Download Store link.
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For those who prefer physical media...
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SS142: $25
All four edited scenes, 115 minutes. [HD or SD]

SS142RAW HI-DEF: $35
Four Dual-Layer DVDs in HD + SS142HD

SS142RAW: $30
Three Single-Layer DVDs + SS142SD

Imagine a 5'0" firecracker with killer curves, the biggest smile on the planet, and (in her words) "an Iggy Azalea butt." Now imagine this girl completely covered in pies, slime, and mess... And loving every second of it. Now imagine said girl using the slime for a Slip-N-Slide....
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