So let's officially declare 2018 the Year of The Debut. To recap: Angie, Victoria, Shauna the MILP, Erica, Jess.... and now Abby! More than all the previous names, Abby was the least experienced (in terms of her portfolio, anyway) and thus the highest "risk"... But talk about exceeding my expectations! She's one of those rare super-cute girl-next-door types who immediately "got it" and basically knocked it out of the park for every. Single. Scene. (And yes, there's more to come, because SS204 is just Day One!) In fact, I even brought back the model blog just for her... So click and read on if you want all the background behind this epic shoot!
Still not convinced? Wanna see her in action? Fine... Check out this trailer... which is literally just us goofing around after the scene was over. Yep, the entire Abby volume is filled with this and more. Enjoy!

"I just checked out a couple of the unedited clips and they're amazing. I liked the vibe of Abby immediately from those preview pics but holy cow, the clips are even better than I could have expected. Really well done! Fingers crossed she'll be back for more in the future!"
--early customer email

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